Womens Institute


The WI meets at The Memorial Institute Hall, South Leverton at 7.30pm, on the third Wednesday of the month. We currently have 28 members with ages ranging from 50 to 90 but we are all young at heart.





REVIEW : At the December meeting our speaker was Tony Barber, who gave a fascinating talk on ‘the social history of The St Leger’ We also had a faith supper and warming mulled wine with a special raffle and a Christmas gift exchange.

In January Peter Jones gave his talk and slide show on the subject of ‘Penguins to Polar Bears’.

February was the occasion of our 54th birthday and we celebrated with cake and sherry. Clive Rudd presented ‘Everybody Loves Music’. This got feet tapping and had audience participation and amusing jokes.

We had a good Christmas lunch at The Eyre Arms and lunch clubs at The Trent Port and Torworth Grange.

Four members had a fun time at County House for bingo and a fish supper.


WEDNESDAY 21ST MARCH 2018 AT 7.30PM— This is the Annual Meeting with our guest WI Advisor, Ann- Marie Morley. We will have a beetle drive and there will be a light supper of cheese and biscuits. Hostesses are Mesdames Harwood, Allen and Tuddenham and there is no competition at this meeting.

WEDNESDAY 18TH APRIL 2018 AT 7.30PM— David Cartwright will be the speaker on the subject of podiatry. Hostesses are Mesdames Sampson, Smith and Littlewood and the competition is for an ornamental boot or shoe.

TUESDAY 24TH APRIL 2018 AT EVERTON VILLAGE HALL AT 7.30PM—-This will be the Ferry Group Meeting and the speaker is royal chef, Colin Alderson. Tickets are priced at £6 for members and £7 for non-members. The refreshments will be cake and tea/ coffee and the Air Ambulance stall will be there. The competition is for a posy of handmade flowers. Our job is to organise the competition.

WEDNESDAY 16th MAY 2018 AT 7.30PM — At this meeting we will discuss the current resolutions, have a sales stall and show our wedding albums. Hostesses are Mesdames Pepperell, Naguar and Harwood. The competition is for an old wedding photo.


March 16th / April 13th / May 11th

Visitors are always welcome (£5). Please ring Heather Cree for information (01777 248943).