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At the January meeting our speaker was Mark Cantrill who spoke knowledgeably about church stained glass windows, with special reference to those at South Leverton and Saundby.

In February Sue Floyd, a member of Ranskill WI, spoke about royal brides from Victoria to Eugenie. This was illustrated with slides and was very interesting. It was the Institutes 55th birthday and we celebrated with cake and sherry.

The March meeting was our Annual meeting with guest, Jane Jefferson. We had a quiz, cheese and biscuits and the WI Shop was there for us to make purchases. The annual competition prize winner was Heather Cree. The elected President was Jane Hodgson, Treasurer Bernadette Coultate and Secretary Dorothy Christie.

Lunch club visits have been to The Queens at East Markham, Torworth Grange and Thaymar.


WEDNESDAY 17TH APRIL 2019 AT 7.30PM: speaker/demonstrator, Pippa Brown with chair exercises. The competition is for a pair of novelty socks and the hostesses are H Cree, J Tuddenham and K Harwood.

WEDNESDAY 15TH MAY 2019 AT 7.30PM: There is no speaker at this meeting as we will be discussing the resolutions and have a jumble sale. The competition is for a motto for the programme and the hostesses are J Strickland, M Smith and P Pepperell.

WEDNESDAY 22ND MAY 2019 AT GRINGLEY VILLAGE HALL AT 7.30PM: This is the Ferry Group Meeting, where the speaker will be the excellent Lesley Smith, in the persona of SOE agent Peggy Knight. Tickets are £7 for members or £8 for non-members (men are also welcome at this meeting). Please contact Bernadette to purchase tickets on 01427 239699

WEDNESDAY 5TH JUNE 2019: This will be our outdoor meeting and is still TBA, but it will be a daytime visit to somewhere local.

LUNCH CLUBS——-FRIDAYS——–April 12th/ May 19th/ June 14th.

Visitors are very welcome (£5). For more information please ring the Secretary, Dorothy on 01427 884468 or trainloadcoal@gmail.com

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