Financial Statement

South Leverton – Finance and budget for 2017 -2018

This year the Parish Council voted to increase the Parish Precept by £1,500 to a total of £10,000. The additional £1,500 is part of traffic calming measures being considered for the village which are likely to cost about £3,000 during the year – the rest of the money will have to be raised from donations sought by the Parish Council on behalf of the village. We are advised that the purchase of a mobile interactive speed sign will both reduce the speed of traffic through the village and will provide data about where best to site speed signs to have most effect. Resident’s opinions re the investment in traffic calming measures would be welcomed.

Last year the precept actually went down by £1,000 so this year’s rise really only takes us back to the level of the precept in 2015 / 6 when the cost per month was £48 for a Band D Council payer.

The total cost to residents for services provided by the Parish Council during the current financial year is £52 for a Band D Council payer representing, a rise of only 88p per month. For only £4.33 per month the work of your Council represents excellent value for money. All councillors are volunteers and give their time freely to support the village, making South Leverton a great place to live.

The Council will again be receiving a grant from Bassetlaw for the lengthsman, although sadly this may be the last year that this grant is paid. Many residents have commented on the great job done by our Lengthsman Jack Foster – keeping the highways and footpaths clear and looking tidy.

Last year the major purchase for the village was a defibrillator, which hopefully will never need to be used but in the event of a heart attack may save a life. Many villagers attended training on how to use the equipment and a Parish Councillor takes on the duty of checking it each month.