Speed Watch Reports


The Community Speed Watch was set up in South Leverton by the Parish Council in December 2013. Many residents of South Leverton have fully supported the council’s decision. We can only do this by working hand in hand with Bassetlaw Community Safety Partnership including Nottinghamshire Police, who have been monitoring vehicle speeds at various locations in our village in an effort to reduce the number of drivers who choose to exceed the 30 mph limits.
This is not an enforcement check, but vehicle details are being passed to the Nottinghamshire Police who are in turn been writing to registered keepers asking them to encourage those who use the vehicle to keep to the speed limits through the village. Drivers who regularly offend may be targeted by police enforcement checks. Sign.small
Volunteers work to a Code of Conduct, which you may inspect if you wish. If you have any queries about the scheme the volunteers should be able to help you. If you would like to speak to the Police about the scheme in general, or the particular circumstances in which your speed was monitored, please contact Inspector Neil Bellamy, Local Area Commander on 01636 605999 ext 807 7464.
The volunteers must wear approved High Visibility jackets, work in pairs and must not conceal their speed monitoring activities from passing motorists.
Out trial over the Christmas period was only possible with the help of equipment which is owned by Headom-Cum Upton, to which we are very grateful. Our parish council has made the decision to obtain our own Speed Gun and jackets, to start very soon our on-going campaign to hopefully make our village safer. The volunteers only work for an hour at a time. It is interesting to know that on most occasions they regularly reported to the police 19 or more vehicles speeding in that time. So, as you can see, there is definitely a need to monitor vehicles through our village.
If you wish to become a volunteer, there will be a special email address available shortly on this web page. Thank you for taking the time to read this information.
Keith Jones.  keith@southlevertonpc.org.uk