Leverton Level Crossing closure

Leverton Level Crossing closure

Road No. & Location:

Leverton Level Crossing, Southgore Lane, North Leverton and Station Road, South Leverton.

Times and Dates:

From 23:30 hours on Saturday, 2nd July 2016 until

06:00 hours on Sunday, 3rd July 2016 2016

Carried Out by:

Network Rail

Nature of Restriction:

Temporary Prohibition of Driving

Description of Works:

Renew road markings at the level crossing

Alternative Route:

Station Road – Church Street – Retford Road, South Leverton – Main Street, North Leverton – Southgore Lane and Vice Versa

Additional Information:

Emergency Contact:

Centurion Site Services – Rebecca Hardman – 01132 775 360

Centurion Site Services – Chris Speight – 07980 611 258

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