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Latest news on the Rural Broadband roll out: Surton Le Steeple exchange.

Information published by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Latest infromation from Notts. County Council:  20140730BBfNAideMemoire

Key criteria for the phasing and the relevant weighting of those criteria
The published phase one announcements provided the exchange area locations where BT Openreach (the infrastructure division of BT Group) intended to start work.

An exchange is the building that houses all the components that connect telephone calls and the programme will bring fibre-based broadband to some, but not necessarily all properties in an area served by an exchange. These provisional exchange locations included within Phase 1 of the programme, can be viewed on the ‘Where and When’ section of our website Most exchange locations will be included in more than one phase of the rollout, with new groups of properties being added to those able to access fibre-based broadband as the programme goes along. There was an indication given of the month the work is scheduled to commence and should not be read as reflecting the date that fibre-based broadband will be made available.
The published narrative in all the communications relating to these illustrative exchange area locations makes clear that they may be subject to change during the network design and build phases. This is because technical problems may be encountered which means that the planned implementation is either not technically or financially viable, or will take longer than anticipated. These include (but are not limited to) issues arising from survey where practical problems are identified which require more work than originally anticipated.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide rollout information down to postcode level. Further, the County Council is unable to confirm exactly when a cabinet will be fibre-enabled or when a premise will be able to access a fibre-based broadband service for a number of reasons – please see the FAQ section of the broadband pages for further details.
The deployment plan takes into consideration best value for money and where the Council can get the most coverage for the funding available. Due consideration is also made to the existing BT Openreach infrastructure and accounts for any planned commercial rollouts taking place before 2015. 
Encouraging residents to register their interest in the programme
Originally, the whole project hinged on finding a suitable firm willing to make the investment, and to do that the Council has had to prove demand existed through the pledge campaign.  We had a strong response with in excess of 5,000 people taking part. It was hoped that greater demand from the public would attract more than one bidder, greater market investment and have our work performed earlier in the national programme.  As it transpired, we ended up with only one supplier submitting a tender in the end. 
We can confirm that Sturton Le Steeple Exchange is included in our programme with survey work and detailed design set to commence late 2014.  As indicated in the earlier narrative, this may be subject to change and is based on our expected deployment of a new fibre-based broadband network as published in August 2013 and available on the broadband pages of our website, which you can visit here

Important: This only affects lines connected to Sturton Le Steeple Exchange on Cross Street:

For your future reference, information on phasing will be routinely updated as the programme develops. The website also includes information as to why we are unable to give more detail at this stage. 

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