Broadband Update

Fast Broadband is coming to South Leverton

In a few weeks time residents and business’s will be able to upgrade broadband services to take advantage of the new super fast broadband.  BT Openreach are currently fitting new “Green Boxes” and installing fibre optical cable. When the installation is complete speeds of up to 100mbps will be available.

To get the best from the new system residents have to upgrade their current system! But this is easy to do. It is not necessary to change to BT, there are many options. It may be necessary to install a new router/modem though as the new system uses VDSL protocol whereas the current system uses ADSL Protocol so if your current modem is ADSL it cannot “read” the new VDSL signal. The ADSL signal will still be available to those who do not want to upgrade!

What you need

If you are happy with your current supplier the easy option is to contact them about upgrading. Each ISP will supply a new modem/router as required with full instructions on how to set up.

If you want to change your supplier visit the Openreach website for all of the options available. There are over 20 ISP’s who can supply the new Broadband. You can also check from this site when the new system will become available.

Once set up it works exactly the same as the current system but much faster.

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